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Pros and Cons of Buffet Wedding Party Catering

A large portion of an event's budget is often allocated to food and beverage costs. Weddings and other types of events are no exception to this rule. During the planning...

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Top Ideas for Graduation Party Catering

Congratulations! After years of hard work and sheer dedication you get onto the stage, move your tassel around, receive your degree certificate and toss your cap in the air, there...

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Top Sweets for Indian Wedding Catering

India is having a rich cultural heritage; different types of traditions are followed here. A wedding is a ceremony that has different rituals and functions differing from one tradition to...

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Top Wedding Catering Tips for Keeping Calm on the Big Day

Well, it will always be a daunting task and keeps you in panic when arranging/monitoring the catering event for a wedding function. Here we have provided the idealized strategy that...

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Top Catering Ideas for Baby Shower Function

It could be a daunting task when conducting a baby shower party without proper planning. Arranging food is the most complicated thing while throwing a baby shower party most families...

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Tips on Hiring Affordable Caterers in your Area

Be it a baby shower or business meeting, be it a wedding ceremony or a promotion party, be it a family get-together or meeting in the office; for every occasion,...

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