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5 Budget Friendly Tips for Your Next Event Catering

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Catering amounts to a fair share of your event budget. Food and serving hold prime importance in any event organizing. But still, there are so many ways in which you can be easy on your budget just by cutting down on your catering expenses. All this is attainable without compromising on the quality of the food or the serving.

Cutting down on your event’s catering expenses is indeed a wise step. It will ensure less wastage of food. You still have the opportunity to make your event successful. Provide your guests with a more close-knit environment that’s convenient to mingle.

If you wish to cut your catering expenses in bite-sized pieces and make them more budget friendly, these 5 useful tips will help you in getting started on how to do it.

1. Look Around for Caterer and Format that’s Budget Friendly

Well, you might be relying on taking the services of your previous caterer due to your trust and experience of their services. Still, it will be very helpful if you look around for other options too. Your previous caterer might not be the best or cheapest choice.

Corporate events are basically based around a theme or a format. Selection of the right format plays a crucial role in planning your event budget. The format must be in accordance with your budget. Ask the caterers about all the available formats.

The format of your event can either save your money or break your budget. That’s why it will be helpful to opt for a more economical format if you’re more inclined towards saving in your Event catering.

2. Negotiate the Pricing Suggested by the Caterers.

Catering prices may vary to a great extent. The prices change depending upon the availability and according to the season. In a busy season like weddings and festivals etc. there’s lesser room for negotiation because almost all caterers are booked. Though in the off season you can manage to negotiate the prices if the event date is not falling on any of the holidays.

3. Self-Serve and Few Hors D’oeuvre

Buffet catering

A self-serve buffet will help you in lowering the additional expense because now you don’t require additional staff to serve everyone at their tables. Staffing is a big expense and by providing the option of self-serve, pressure on your budget is immediately relieved.

But this can be challenging too as there are bigger chances of getting things dropped all over the table in self-serve. You will require a little staff to keep the buffet clean and fresh.

If you’re on a tight budget, skip the three-course meal option. At the same time limiting hors d’oeuvre choices will lower down your expenses while preventing the food wastage. Another good decision is to purchase drinks on your own. A lot of saving will happen with this as you can get discounts on bulk purchase.

4. Even the Size of the Plate Matters

small food dishes

Larger plates encourage more wastage of food. It’s tempting to stuff your plate with more food than you can eat with so many options available in the buffet and a larger plate in hand.

Smaller plates make food look more exclusive and at the same time are more appetizing. This way not only you’re preventing over expenses on the food you also prevent your guests from doing food wastage.

Simple and attractive small plates can be beautifully arranged to bring a distinctive presentation.

5. Simple Dishes, Less Tableware

Though your caterer will suggest you a wide variety of dishes. Going for simpler and popular food will prove to be a good choice. Your guests will simply love to see the popular food options in the buffet.

If the caterer is suggesting a good list of options then you can go with it without doing many changes. But at the same time if you have planned to serve food based on any specific culinary theme or taste you can ask for that too and make necessary changes.

Simple and less tableware will prove to be good on your budget. Some caterers provide their own tableware without charging an extra amount for it. But even if you have to hire tableware on your own, minimize your expenditure by selecting simple and less tableware.

In the End

A lot of thought is put into organizing an event and in deciding which catering service provider to hire to get the maximum benefit. Organizing and managing any event is a big deal and you will need a good caterer by your side to manage things better for your event. Catering services in Bhopal will manage your event in accordance with your budget.

From our website, you can select the best caterers in Amritsar if you’re planning your event in the city of Amritsar or in any nearby town. You will get a whole range of options in terms of food and theme. Variations that you want will also be easily provided by these caterers.

Caterers in Jabalpur that are listed on our website offer the best prices and services in any location nearby Jabalpur or in the city itself. You can search, compare and then select the best one for your event from our website.

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