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5 Noteworthy Questions to Ask Your Event Caterer

5 Noteworthy Questions to Ask Your Event Caterer
Catering is one of the most vital components for throwing a successful and memorable event. As catering forms a major part of your event budget, you should never compromise when it comes to selecting the best caterer for our upcoming big gala. If you are planning your next big corporate event or family gathering and interviewing reputed buffet catering services in your area for it, following are the five important questions that you need to ask before signing the contract to organize an unforgettable event.

Does the Caterer have Licence and Safety Certification?

Before signing a potential event caterer for the job, confirm if they hold catering permit from the concerned authority in your state and licensed to serve liquor in your area. A health department permit is important because it ensures that the event caterer complies with all the health and safety requirements. Ask if the cater has liability insurance to protect you against unfortunate incidents at the venue.

Do you Offer Sample Tasting?

The best caterers in India always provide customers with a sample tasting of their menu. Ask your shortlisted caterer if they offer complimentary tasting of their menu before signing the contract to give you a better understanding of their cooking process, methods of preparation, quality of ingredients and taste. The tasting not only enables you to give your feedback on the food but it also helps the caterer to modify the dish to your requirements.

Can you give References for similar Events you have Serviced?

Irrespective of the size and types of your event, asking the caterer for some references and testimonials from previous client very important. If hiring marriage catering services for the big day of your life, ask the potential event caterer to furnish at least 3-4 references from previously served clients who had a similar menu, event type and size.

Can you Arrange and Set up Catering Equipment?

If your chosen venue doesn’t come with all the necessary equipment you want, you need to hire them from a third party. To save you from this unnecessary hassle, a full-service catering company takes care of almost everything related to equipment setup, decoration, tenting etc. Before hiring reliable buffet catering services for your upcoming event, confirm if they coordinate all aspect of equipment rentals from glassware, tables, linens, flatware etc. Ask about deposit and breakage policy prior finalizing the deal. Confirm if the event caterer also takes care of the setting up & breaking down, and cleaning up of the dining area.

Who will be my Point of Contact on the Day of My Event?

Working with an experienced coordinator from the selected catering company is very event to ensure seamless planning and execution of any event. Before giving the token amount to the shortlisted caterer, ask who will be in charge or oversee the event to make sure every detail is flawless. Hire a reputed event or corporate catering services that appoint a coordinator at the sight of the event to ensure effective communication between the client and the catering company to make your big day or event successful. Confirm how many serves will be there at the event? What services they will offer while at the event? How long will they stay? All of these questions are need to be asked to the caterer before the show starts.

Take the Final Call Wisely:

A professional and experienced event caterer is used to answering all these questions, so don’t be hesitant about giving them a grill. While planning to hire one of the best caterers for your event, be clear about your budgetary restrictions, specifications and request them to offer bespoke menu design to suit your needs. As catering can make or break any event, little research is important to narrow down the good caterers in your city. Ask relevant questions to confirm if the caterer is suitable for your job and can accomplish the task in your set budget.
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