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6 Common Misconceptions About Event Catering

6 Common Misconceptions About Event Catering

Are you in the midst of planning your Gujarati wedding? Or are you in charge of organizing the annual holiday party at your company in Ahmedabad and you’re looking to impress your boss?

Irrespective of whether you’re an old hat in event planning or if it’s your first time – there are plenty of event catering misconceptions that you should be aware of. Arming yourself with the right knowledge is essential if you don’t want the event planning to turn into a stress-inducing experience.

Worry not, here in today’s post, we debunk some of the top myths about event catering in India, especially in Gujarat.

Hosting an Event is Hard Work

Whether you’re planning a corporate event with just a dozen employees or a big Indian wedding with hundreds of guests, hosting an even requires plenty of hard work and meticulous planning. Hiring the best wedding or corporate caterers in the city lifts a huge burden off your shoulders.

After all, food is one of the key components of any event and with professional caterers by your side, you need not worry about what to serve to your guests and how to serve it. This means, you get more time to focus on other details of the event like – finalizing the guest list, appointing hosts, deciding the theme, return gifts, arranging event entertainment, and more.

By choosing the best caterers in Surat or Ahmedabad, you are several steps closer to hosting the perfect event in town.

With that said, many people are still reluctant to hire professional caterers for their event. The reason – they are discouraged by the misconceptions and myths about professional caterers in Gujarat. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 misconceptions about event caterers in the state.

As you discover the truth behind these myths, you will be able to make the right call and choose the best caterers for your event.

The Top 6 misconceptions about Event Catering in Gujarat

Myth #1: You can book Caterers at the Last Minute

False. For the best corporate or marriage catering services in Ahmedabad, Surat or elsewhere, you need to hire the right team, well ahead of the big day. This is because, most professional caterers are booked well in advance, and by waiting until the last minute, you take the risk of your preferred caterer being unavailable.

The result – you may end up with a sub-par catering team, which can impact the outcome of your event significantly or worst case, you may be left with no available catering teams, causing your entire event planning to go in for a toss.

Myth #2: The Caterer is in charge of the Food Only

wedding food

This is yet another false statement. When you hire the best catering services in Surat, Ahmedabad or the rest of Gujarat, they are in-charge of several other departments apart from the food like – providing the plates, cutlery, serving bowls, glasses, dishes, the right serving and cleaning staff, setting up the tables, arranging seating and more.

Remember that the bill you pay your caterer is not just for the food but for all these added services as well

Myth #3: You can Cut Down Costs by Ordering from a Restaurant

Yes, you can order food for your event from a restaurant. But, there are plenty of reasons why this isn’t the best choice. When you order food from a restaurant, you have to assign people to go and collect the food from the kitchen. Additionally, you have to arrange for the cutlery, serving ware, plates, drink glasses and more all on your own. You also have to get the help of a few party guests to serve the food. Restaurants don’t offer customizations and you have to choose from their existing menu.

While this option may appear cheaper at first glance, it ends up costing more at the end. Additionally, when you tackle the food by yourself, it leads to added stress, thereby making you unable to focus on the actual event.

Myth #4: Caterers aren’t Flexible

When you choose a professional catering team, they work with you and customize their offering to suit your specific requirements. You have complete choice over the menu.

Whether you’re looking to serve vegetarian/non-vegetarian, Indian/continental, south-Indian/north-Indian, dessert-only – the final choices are yours. You decide the menu, and your catering team tailors it to suit your requirements, keeping in mind your guest count and their dietary preferences.

Myth #5: Off-Season Weddings Cost Cheaper

While it’s true that planning an off-season wedding could get you discounts on wedding hall rentals, photographer packages, the cost of catering services remain mostly uniform round the year. Ultimately, the cost of your catering team depends on the number of guests and the type of food you serve on your big day.

Myth #6: You can Reduce Expenses by Hiring Minimal Staff or Servers

catering staff

Very often, people try to reduce their catering budget by trying to limit the number of wait staff and servers. This isn’t a smart move, as the number of wait staff impact the outcome of your event significantly. You need adequate staff to serve food, clear the empty plates, refill water, and more. By reducing the number of staff, you are adding to the waiting time of guests, making them feel awkward while they wait for the next course.

Final Thoughts – A Professional Caterer Adds to the Guest Experience

When you hire professional caterers, you are essentially hiring the best chefs, menu planners, trained wait and serve staff – all of whom work to provide your guests with a memorable experience. Don’t be misled by the myths about event caterers and make sure to hire the best caterers in India, to organize an event that will linger on the minds of your guests for a long time to come.

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