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8 Things Every Bride Needs to Do When She Starts to Plan Her Wedding

8 Things Every Bride Needs to Do When She Starts to Plan Her Wedding

A wedding is a public celebration of the joining of two souls. For every bride-to-be, it is a day that they have been dreaming about since childhood. The dreams though do not include the grueling detail and planning that a wedding requires. The work involved can be overwhelming, making stress routine for all first-time brides.

This predicament is easily avoidable with a little clarity of thought. Asking the right questions is a key part of the process. Not only does it help think clearly but also makes the tasks streamlined.

Find below a list of 8 things every bride needs to do before she starts planning her wedding.

Have the Work Situation Handled

You will for sure be not showing up to work on your special day! Let your employers or superiors know well in advance of the forthcoming nuptials.

Decide Who will Share Your Special Day with you

The guests at a wedding decide a lot of things. The number of guests defines venue size. Guests will need to travel based on their location. Certain guests might also have dietary requirements and preferences that would need to be addressed. So, a lot of arrangements depend upon the list of guests.

Find a Central Location to Host the Wedding

Choosing a city which is easily accessible to maximum guests is ideal. If you are planning a destination wedding, a location allowing ease of transport to and from stations would be ideal. This also involves choosing the actual venue. An old church, a wedding hall, outdoor venues, the local club etc are just some of the venues where weddings can be hosted. Choose one that works for the size of your wedding party.

Decide how many days the festivities will last

A single day wedding involves single day hosting costs for out of town guests but a three-day wedding will involve more rooms for multiple days. You will also have to account for transporting the guest from stay location to the wedding location if they are not on the same premises. Multiple days means all transport will have to be repeated. Hit the spot that suits your budget. According to festivities, it is necessary to decide menu, theme, and most importantly the attire of the to be bride.

Start Thinking about Theme and Decor

wedding theme decor

As a bride you expect the day to be spectacular. The decor and theme will set the tone for the entire wedding. Today all kinds of themes are in fashion, from devils and angels to harry potter, your imagination is the limit when it comes to choosing the theme.

Find ways to Involve Dear Ones in the Event

It's not a successful event if all the guests don't have a great time. Involving people in different parts of the wedding by giving them specific duties and tasks during the ceremony make them all feel special and have memories of the wedding.

Figure out the Feast

Wedding Catering Service

Let's admit it; the food is going to be a highlight for everyone attending. Choosing a Wedding Catering Service is going to be one of the biggest decisions for the wedding. From getting the perfect chicken to nailing that Thai green curry, a caterer brings a lot of value to the wedding experience. Party catering is a task that can get derailed due to the smallest error. Catering Companies make lots of tall claims as to their abilities. We at Subhash caterers and Shree Ji catering take great pride in our record and abilities. Having tons of happy, satisfied, and successful meals served at numerous weddings Subash Caterers are synonymous with excellence. The team at Shreeji Catering boasts of the best at all levels, from the chef to the server.

Plan to Enjoy not Stress

It is your day of joy! Make sure to have time to spend with dear ones and enjoy their glow. Choose D-Day partners wisely and bask in the warmth of love rather than of the wedding kitchen.

The seemingly simple to-do list above is a short guide to the entire wedding.

Let us know what you think and please feel welcome to contact us for any catering-related queries.

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