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Catering Plan for an Office or Corporate Party

Catering Plan for an Office or Corporate Party

Creating a unique event or party remains to be the prime aim of many large corporations for the sake of meeting new clients and making employees even more loyal. Since employees are the soul of an office party, good food is often considered as a crucial element of the party. Meeting the cravings while keeping the cost under budget is what cutting edge catering solutions strive to do. Here are a few catering plans that may stand out to you because of their simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Answering the Big Questions

Before going into any plan, corporate caterers are always eager to know answers to some questions. Even though these questions may seem obvious, answers to these questions are going to impact to success of your event to a great extent. Before deciding the time of the event, it is always wise to fix whether the party will be during weekend or week days. Now the time comes to decide whether the event will be at an offsite venue or in the office. Being transparent about the RSVP policy makes it easier for you to get a head count.

Is It A Theme Party

Before going into event catering, what needs to be decided is whether the event is going to be a theme party or not. If it is a theme party, you could probably think of themes like Workshop theme, Acrobat Theme, Aviation Theme, Jack Daniels Theme, so on and make arrangements accordingly.

Breakfast Meetings

Even though none enjoys the 9 am meetings accompanied by a party later on that day, what needs to be done must be done. The tired eyes and the growling stomachs in the meeting room can be easily served with hot coffee or green tea. Since the research shows there is higher tendency to skip meals in case of attending meetings, arrangement of breakfast undoubtedly portrays the care. Donuts can be can good idea in this case.

Luncheon Meeting

lunch for office staff

Many professionals are found to skip the lunch and suffice it with small snacks. Well, it is never a good idea to skip lunch. Besides it being harmful for health, you must think about fuelling your stomach to get the necessary energy. Many luncheon meetings start with a soup in the catering menu and the delicious dishes follow in. A luncheon meeting menu often includes appetizers, salads, main dish along with a sweet ending.

Grab and Go Lunch

Grab and Go lunch is ideal for those who are looking forward to organize a fast paced event. This ensures that there is no waste of time. The best corporate caterers are known for their efficiency to bring in fresh ingredients for the ‘Build Your Own Sandwich Bar’. The menu may also include soups with fresh and seasonal vegetables.

Cocktail Parties

cocktail party

Whether you are looking forward to host a party for a large number of employees or a small board meeting, cocktail can become the soul of any party at ease. Being elegant yet inexpensive, these parties offer you the room to provide the invitees with fun. The options available are full bar, themed bar and signature cocktail bar. You could either go for classic cocktails like Mojito, the classic margarita, mulled red wine or cocktails like pomegranate Manhattan, gin and tonic with Cointreau, etc. What need to be included as well are the non-alcoholic beverages.

Hope the above mentioned plans will help you out to decide the one for your party!

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