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Essential Tips for Planning a Monsoon Wedding

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Monsoon weddings need a different kind of planning to manage and tackle the issues people face in order to make it a smooth affair. Monsoon weddings mean rough weather and being able to manage in case of unexpected rainfall. It's tricky to manage all the arrangements without getting affected by the weather.

Despite being a lot of hassle, monsoon weddings have a distinct charm and deemed to be very romantic. As the chaotic but extremely beautiful weather creates an ecstatic atmosphere that can't be recreated artificially. Especially open-air wedding venues look so beautiful and there's no substitute for nature's beauty.

However, pouring can be tricky to handle and manage. No one knows how the weather will turn out and sudden showers are not pleasant when all the wedding arrangements are done in open and you are dressed to the T. It will be more convenient to do an indoor arrangement in comparison to an outdoor one.

You will need the best catering services to properly handle and arrange for the specific needs of the monsoon wedding.

Tips to Manage your Monsoon Wedding

If you have planned for a monsoon wedding then here are a few tips to better organise your monsoon wedding and make sure you get the most out of this beautiful and exciting monsoon weather.

    • Avoid Open Venues - Open venues will be difficult to organize and manage in case of sudden showers. Indoor arrangements are best for monsoon weddings. To recreate the feel of an outdoor location, select a venue that has large glass windows, walls and scenic views. Even if it starts pouring your guests will thank you for the beautiful location and arrangements.
    indoor wedding venue

    • Make Sure you have enough Parking Space - Enough parking lot will ensure easy parking for your guest's vehicles and they will easily reach the venue, even if it's raining.

    • Ditch Flower Decorations - Exotic flowers do exude an enigmatic charm. Flowers are an important part of all wedding decorations. But it will be better to not use them in monsoons as they will attract insects and crawlies. Replace the flower decoration with umbrellas, curtains, glassware, origami and look for other quirky ideas to create a distinct look.

    • Uninterrupted Power Supply - Bad weather and breakdown in power supply will spoil the wedding day. After all who wants a blackout on their most important day. Power failures are quite common in monsoons. The uninterrupted supply of power is a must and it's important to be prepared for the unwarranted power cut.

    • Focus on Food Quality - Buffet catering should be done very carefully in monsoons. Monsoons bring along a lot of food allergies and a lot of recipes are not monsoon friendly. Use of leafy vegetables, seafood, too many non-veg preparations will cause stomach upset in your guests. Try to strictly maintain the quality of your food. You should include fresh, light and healthy food in your catering menu. Be very selective in choosing which food preparation will work best in weather like this.
    wedding food catering

    • Keep your Rainwear Handy - Umbrellas, windcheaters, raincoats will be needed. It would be great if you keep these essentials handy. A lot of small work arises during organising your marriage function. The last-minute urgency will be handled easily if you have a handy stock of rainwear.

    • Take Care of your Health - If you are planning a monsoon wedding than you should take care of your health in the best possible way. Monsoons have earned a bad reputation because of seasonal infections, allergies, common cold, flu, fever and other diseases are prevalent. Take care of yourself in the best possible way to enjoy your most important day. To make sure that you remain in the best form avoid cold water and drinks, street foods should be completely avoided. Don't ignore any health ailments and get medication immediately even if you have a minor cough or cold.


Use these above-mentioned tips and make your monsoon wedding a memorable one, unaffected by the weather and yet using the very best essence of this season to make your wedding more beautiful.

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