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How Much Does It Cost For Wedding Catering – Top Money Saving Tips

How Much Does It Cost For Wedding Catering - Top Money Saving Tips

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair for both- your love life as well as your financial planning. When you are an Indian, the idea of a wedding is always lavish and it needs to splurge on festivities. Both the groom’s and the bride’s family are busy counting the guests, checking the arrangements and matching things with the budget. Everything related to a wedding is cost-incurring and there are all possible reasons you would look forward to some ways that can actually help you cut-down the wedding cost.

Talking about an Indian wedding, after jewelry, we tend you spend our heart-full of money on ‘Food’. This is one way to make the wedding memorable for the families as well as the guests. Spending a lot on food catering can be strenuous on your budget. In fact, it isn’t wise to invest hundreds and thousands of rupees on food alone. If you have the same thoughts about wedding food and its costs, here are a few clever tips that can help you save money on food on your wedding:

Keep the Number of Courses Precise

There is no harm in serving your guests with a variety of courses, but keeping them in limit is the best. You can serve more filling and wholesome snacks to your guests than serving bite-size items to avoid extra spending on the main course. Offering your guests a live counter of pasta is way more filling than serving soups and salads. Likewise, you can also cut down the number of cuisines you are serving. Keep a precise and delicious menu that serving like tasting dishes.

Dessert Obsession is Expensive

dessert obsession

It is good to serve the sweets but serving a lot of varieties might not be that impressive. Indians have a sweet tooth but this never means they have the capacity to try ‘n’ number of sweet dishes. After a scrumptious dinner, most of the people tend to avoid having extra-portions of desserts. Limiting the sweets variety and keeping the dishes more bite-sized can be a good option to prevent food wastage and control your budget

Swap Items That are Expensive

There are many items that can be swapped to save money. For instance, if you are planning to serve seafood, replace lobsters and crabs with shrimps. Not only they are cost-effective, but people also find them easy to eat in a wedding buffet. Ask wedding catering services provider to suggest you likewise swapping and include whatever is cost-effective in your menu.

Pick a Seasonal Menu with Resources Locally Available:

One of the incredible ways to save money on your wedding food is setting a menu that includes seasonal items and can be prepared with locally available resources. Moreover, while exotic dishes appear delicious to eyes, most of the people do not have developed taste for them. Why serve people something which isn’t their preference and expensive, better include seasonal and local dishes in your menu and pamper your guests. In addition to above benefits, catering companies suggest that you also get an enhanced quality of food when it is prepared from locally produced resources. Local resources are fresh and high in quality.

Live Counters are Money Savers

Live counters allow you cut-short food wastage which is directly proportional to saving money. When you install more live counters for pasta, pizzas, teriyakis and more and let people play with spices and tastes according to their choices. Moreover, the food is prepared fresh and according to the taste and thus, guests so not waste the food.

Fancy Stuff is Heavy on Pocket

There are many things that are pleasing to eyes but in reality, they neither serve the taste buds of your guests nor helps saving money. Like an exotic cheeseboard might be opulent but it isn’t apt for Indian wedding food choices. Spending money on such items will not be wise, Instead, you should include some more apt and wholesome snacks.

Choose Buffet Style

wedding buffet catering

Buffet style catering is considered as the best wedding catering services. It is because you require minimum staff to serve the food as guests serve on their own. Moreover, the guests enjoy eating whatever they like the most and in the right quantity.

Trim Your Guest’s List- if Permissible

If you are able to do so, go ahead and trim your guest's list. When you have limited people to serve, you can serve them better and quality food.

These are some amazing tips to save money on food catering bill. Whatever you do, hire the best food catering company and serve your guests with best quality and taste. Food is the heart of every Indian wedding and when you can serve your guests the best food at reasonable price, there is no other way to be the best host.

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