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How to Organize A Successful Corporate Party Within Small Budget

How to Organize A Successful Corporate Party Within Small Budget

Every company or business aims to cater its employees and stakeholders with a splash of fun, enjoyment and quality food. Organizing a corporate party is a great way to cater to this requirement. However, not all of them have an extravagant budget to spend on a lavish party to make everyone happy. Indeed you have to put in a lot of money to make any event successful and memorable. But, this nowhere means that small budget corporate parties can’t be a success. When planned and executed strategically, even smaller budget parties can be as impactful as a party with a budget of millions. If you are running on short budget and wish to organize a party that is out of the world, here are a few tips that help you in doing so. From selecting the right venue to hiring the best corporate event catering services, we have everything covered:

Let's discuss each point in detail

Plan and Settle Your Venue Early

No matter you are on a tight budget or ready to splurge, hiring a venue at the last minute is always expensive. You need to be smart and early while selecting the suitable venue and booking the same. As soon as you have the date fixed, start searching for a venue that is apt. This will save you the extra bucks a venue facility would charge for last minute bookings. However, make sure you choose the best location to make things easily accessible.

A great way to save money is organizing the event in the off-season. Huge and lavish facilities are available at bargain prices when it is off-season.

Transportation Cost & Location

Cutting down on transportation and lodging costs is another way to save money. There are a number of questions that you have to answer while selecting a location and planning to save money. Questions like, Is it okay to make your guests travel? Can you manage at a local location? What will save you money booking a local spot or arranging for transportation? The choice depends on the type of event you wish to organize. However, when on a tight budget, saving money on transportation and lodging costs comes as a wise option.

Managing Food and Beverages

food and beverage catering

Managing food and beverages can help you save money. You can manipulate the food and beverage menu, until and unless you are organizing a culinary event. The main aim should be catering good food not fancy. If you have a strict budget, you need to think differently and come up with ideas that are cost-effective and tasty. Organizing buffet catering is a great way to save money as you will need less manpower to serve. You can also organize DIY counters or live counters to let people take as much as they need and make things according to their taste.

Take the Digital Route

You have to invite your guests and luckily, there are many ways to do so. Earlier, printed invites were the only available option, but with the advent of technology, you have a variety of ways to choose. Send a digital invite and save the cost of printing invitation cards. Even if printing is essential, limit the number of people you need to send such invites.  From registration to schedule planning, to displaying event calendar to sharing updates, technology allows you to do everything and anything you wish for.

Take the Flexibility and Creativity Route

When you are creative and flexible, you have more chances to save money on various heads. Most of the time, you are offered things or facilities that aren’t necessarily of your use, but, with a little creativity, you can make the best use of them. Make things out of already available resources. Choose to recycle over buying new things. Buying that is more functional than fancy is a great way to save money.


There are a number of ways you can make the most of your money. Tell the suppliers about your budget and ask them for discounts. You can offer them an option to have long-term dealing with your company and profiteer from all your future events. You can also search for package deals. Like you can hire a banquet that offers catering services or vice versa.

Keep Track of All Expenses

catering budget

When you are working on a tight budget, keeping track of your track of all your expenses is a must. No matter big or small, you must maintain a ledger of all types of expenses. This will help you in understanding the spending pattern as well as keeping track of your available budget for future spending.

It is possible to have a huge party in a limited budget. All you need to do is manage your finances strategically while booking the venue or hiring the best catering services.

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