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How to Organize Successful Corporate Diwali Party

How to Organize Successful Corporate Diwali Party

Diwali 2019 is just a few days away, and your boss has put you in charge of hosting this year's office Diwali party. You realize that you've got plenty to do but no clues on how to get started. You are beginning to panic.

Relax, take a deep calming breath, we’ve got your back. Whether this is your first time hosting a party or your dozenth time, we’ve got some LIT ideas (Diwali pun intended) to help you out.

Let's discuss each point in detail:

1. Start with the Guest List

party guest list

Very often, party organizers make the crucial list of just mentally calculating the number of people who will attend the event. There are plenty of times when this approach could backfire – you may miss out on a few guests, or you may estimate a hugely wrong number.

Start by creating a Google document with the list of all party attendees. Having a centralized party planning file, which you can access anytime and from anywhere, helps to keep the rest of the planning in order.

2. Decide the Venue

Once you have worked out the guest list, you will get a clear idea of the total number of attendees and whether to host the party in your office or not. If you’re looking to have a relaxed night of fun and informal social gatherings, then opt for a place other than your office.

You can book a party hall in your neighbourhood, a coffee shop or restaurant for the event. If you have a bigger budget, then you can take the entire team to a resort getaway for an evening of fun and games.

3. Preparing the Menu and Choosing the Right Caterers

diwali party catering

A party without the right food is nothing but a meeting. And, what's Diwali if not for indulging on mithais, sweets, and oily treats? Make sure to book the best catering team in town well in advance. With several parties organised at this time of the year, the popular corporate catering services are high in demand. Once you finalize the guest list and the venue, lockdown your catering team.

Work with your caterer to prepare the main menu for your guests. Opting for buffets helps you cut down costs while reducing food wastage.

Apart from the dinner/lunch, you need to provide your guests with plenty of snacks, appetizers, and finger foods. Individual pizza slices, mini tacos, kebabs, mithais, sweetmeats, cupcakes are some popular choices. Don't forget to offer your guests a variety of mocktails and juices. Caterers who provide birthday party catering services are generally familiar with finger foods. You can hire them instead of traditional wedding caterers.

Now that we've got the basics of the party sorted, it's time to focus on the fun planning elements.

4. To Theme or Not?

The choice is yours. But, having a theme for the party adds a fun factor to the evening and increases the anticipation of guests. Generally, most corporate Diwali parties opt for traditional themes – where all guests come in their traditional finery.

You can add a twist to the celebrations by opting for fun themes like:

  • Bollywood - all guests dress up like their favourite B-town celebrity or a character from their fav Bollywood movie
  • A colour coded party – where all guests have to wear a particular colour
  • A masquerade party – guests don face masks that add to the allure of the event
  • A dandiya party – guests come in their dandiya clothes all set for a night of fun dancing

Note – if you decide to have a theme, make sure to highlight it in the invites so that your guests don’t miss it.

5. Dazzle with the Décor

Diwali is all about lights and lanterns. Make sure to get your decorating team to go all out on the lighting to make the venue look dazzling and enchanting. You can provide the guests with unlit diyas as they arrive. They can light the diyas and place them around the party hall so that they get in the spirit of the evening.

6. Finally, Sort out the Entertainment

Get the funny and extrovert personalities in your team to be the host of the ceremony. Organise a few fun games like darts, lucky draw, tombola, rangoli competition, Mehendi competition, tarot card readings, etc. to get everyone involved in the fun. You can also organise a fireworks viewing area if the venue permits it.

Make sure not to forget the return favours. A simple box of chocolates or mithais will help your guests remember the party fondly as they get back to work.

Use these tips to host a rocking Diwali 2019 party at your office and double the joy of the season with your colourful celebrations.

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