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How to Pick the Best Catering Service in India

How to Pick the Best Catering Service in India

With food having become an indispensable ingredient of party or get-together, it has become perturbing to find the best catering services in India. Proper research before hiring any catering service can help you to tantalise the taste buds of your guests. While you are in search of the best deal in the town, here are a few tips that you may use in order to get the best service.

Finding the Details:

The first and foremost thing that you can do is to take resort to the internet. Using the internet, you can find a number of catering services that strive to offer quality at the most economic price. What you need to do now is to talk to these catering services. What must be taken into account at this stage are experience of the catering service, previous experience, rates as well as their special items.

Talk About the Venue:

If you have planned to organize the event in an open garden or in a resort, it is always wise to ask the caterers if they have worked at that venue earlier. Previous working experience at the same venue certainly adds to advantage because they will know what works and what doesn’t. Even if a catering service has not worked in your venue, you can always ask about how they plan to execute.

What Is In The Menu:

Since food is the soul of Indian weddings and any event, this is something no one wants to sacrifice. You could either ask for a custom menu specially designed for your guests or go with a preset one. The best catering services will always have in-built menus which can be customized as well with the addition or subtraction of specific items. Whether it is a buffet or cocktail party, you will have plenty of things to attend to as a benevolent host. So, it is always wise to ask questions like server to guest ratio and things like that beforehand. In a bid to ensure maximum satisfaction, you must select a menu in which the people of several age groups present in your event feel comfortable.

Check for Ability to Respond to the Needs:

The cheapest price may not be the best under all circumstances. Rather what you should do is check their responsiveness. This will indicate how the caterer will perform during the event. Since not every caterer has efficiency to adapt to the nature of every type of event, you must go with the one that feels comfortable with your event.

Taste the Food if Possible:

It is highly recommended that you ask for samples to taste before making the deal final. Many actually shy away from asking the caterers to provide with samples but this is the only way you get to know the taste and quality of the food that is to be served in the event. The willingness of the caterer to provide you with the sample is a great way to know about their honesty and dedication.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

You need to make sure that there is cancellation clause in the agreement between you and your caterer as your caterer might have to cancel at the last minute. The agreement must include every tiny detail regarding the refund of the deposit and steps to be followed.

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