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Pros and Cons of Buffet Wedding Party Catering

Pros and Cons of Buffet Wedding Party Catering

A large portion of an event's budget is often allocated to food and beverage costs. Weddings and other types of events are no exception to this rule. During the planning and budgeting process, you should pay close attention to your catering decisions, as even the smallest decisions can have a large effect on the overall cost.

When it comes to wedding meals, you have a couple of choices: Some couples prefer serving plated dinners to guests while sitting at their tables while others like the freedom that a buffet provides which is, the freedom of guests to choose their meals from various food stations. The size, scope, and style of a big-day buffet offered by marriage catering services can vary depending on your preferences. There's nothing stopping you from setting out just a few chafing dishes with two main courses and a few different sides, but you could also offer a carving station along with several different dishes. There are various pros and cons that come with this type of service, so in order to get a complete understanding of what you need to consider before deciding whether to host a buffet on your wedding day, hereby below are a few aspects you may like to know.

Pros of Wedding Buffet

Buffets May Feel More Appropriate with Your Wedding Style

For couples who prefer an informal reception, buffet-style meals are a great choice. Buffets are a great fit for how you want your party to be styled if a multi-course meal isn't your thing, or if you would not like your guests to wait until the dinner is over or to be able to hit the dance floor whenever they wish to.

Customizability and Options Are Aplenty

If you decide to serve a buffet, you don't have to serve the usual items. Don't be afraid to include extras as well. There may be other unique, personalized options like carving stations and action stations where guests can select from mashed potato and pasta combinations. No matter what you choose, you'll be able to serve a selection of your favorite foods-as opposed to having the option to choose between a plated meal and one or two of your favorite foods.

There Are No Restrictions on What Guests Can Take

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Choosing a buffet plan may help you avoid waste as well. Though your caterer will often have to prepare more food to feed everyone, allowing your guests to serve themselves allows them to take only what they will consume. But This may also mean that your guests can always return for more. However, besides reducing the likelihood of guests going hungry after the initial visit, an open food display undoubtedly keeps things organized.

Cons of Wedding Buffet

Food Safety Requires Careful Consideration

There is no denying the fact that some foods will spoil if they are kept out for an extended period of time. If you are putting food out longer than you need to, ensure that your caterer knows how weather affects freshness. Also, having an open buffet may occasionally result in unwelcome guests like bacteria or critters, which will certainly ruin a memorable dinner service.

Allergy-Prone Guests Can Be a Challenge to Accommodate

Buffet-style servings can make it a little more challenging to accommodate guests with food allergies or restrictions. As a precaution, allergy-free food shouldn't be displayed on the same buffet table as the other food. Individuals who are vegan can certainly find alternatives to the usual fare, but it may feel isolating for them to have their food displayed separately from the others. Depending on what foods they have allergies to, you might want to have your caterer prepare plates in the kitchen so people without allergies can leave alone the buffet line altogether.

Dining May Take a Bit of Time for Everyone

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In spite of buffets being a good way to get your party attendees up and into each other, they can also be a tedious process to get each guest back to their seats. Traffic jams caused by people traversing from one dance floor to another on the dance floor are the last thing you want to see on your wedding day.


When stuck at the question “which agency would offer the best food catering services near me” the key is to remember that event planning does not come with right and wrong choices. Depending on the type of event, sit-down catering may work better for certain types of occasions, while buffet catering may be more suited to others. Identify the atmosphere you want for your special occasion such as that for a wedding, and then decide which décor and dining choices will help you bring out the best for yourself and everyone else as well. If you looking best caterers in Mumbai, then check out our directory Catering Corner, you can find many options according to your event.

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