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Tips for Hosting a Successful Catering Party at Home

Tips for hosting a successful catering party at home

Have you been planning to host a party at home? Organizing an in-house get-together adds a personal touch to warmly welcoming your guests, allowing you to thoroughly engage with each other without any restrictions of being in a public place. Whether you want to show off your new home décor or simply entertain people where you feel the most comfortable, at-home parties offer the most lucrative option. However, it is tough to plan and organize a party at home, decide upon the menu, prepare everything before your guests arrive, and also make sure that you look presentable. You'd also need to think of the after-party arrangements like cleaning the kitchen and arranging everything back in its place.

If you've been fretting about all the arrangements, especially the food, we've got a simple solution that'll ease off 90% of your stress. Simply hire a home catering services provider that can look after the kitchen and servicing for you. All that would remain is decorating your home for the party, deciding upon the menu, and getting yourself ready for a day full of fun with the ones you love. Here are some helpful tips that'll make your house party a huge success.

Prepare a Guest List

Before finalizing any arrangements, you must prepare a list of all the guests you have invited and how many of them would actually attend. It'll help you plan the seating arrangements, decide the best menu according to their preferences, and most of all, time everything perfectly. You might want to share the guest list with your catering company, letting them know about any possible food allergies or any extra dinnerware and seating arrangement you might need.

Assess the Capacity of your Kitchen

Kitchen Capacity

Your kitchen might be sufficient to cook meals for your family and a few guests, but when it comes to organizing a party, no matter how big or small the gathering is, you'd need professional help. Invite your catering service provider to inspect your kitchen and prepare a list of the tools they'll need to bring in, along with any additional accessories such as larger utensils, an additional stove, food processors, or a portable oven. They may also wish to set up additional space for cooking and preparations. If that's the case, you might want a caterer that either can bring in pre-prepared food or has a mobile kitchen so as to avoid any hassles.

Determine the Type of Service

Depending on your guests, it's best to discuss beforehand the total number of servers and bartenders, if there are to be any and how frequently they should be serving snacks, beverages, and food. You might as well give the head caterer a tour of the area where you'll be holding the get-together so that they'll know where and when to serve. You can also make small additions to their attire to coordinate with the party theme. It's best to establish all expectations beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings when the party is in full swing.

The After-Party Work

Preparing for the party at home is just one aspect, but an even more daunting task begins after your guests leave. There's a lot to be done, from cleaning up the kitchen and party area, washing the utensils, packing up leftover food, and putting it in your refrigerator to returning any rentals. Well, if you've hired some of the best caterers in Delhi, most of these tasks will be taken care of. You must discuss the clean-up process beforehand, and the caterer can take up the responsibility of leaving your kitchen and everything else as it was before the party began. You can also request frequent clean-ups while the party is going on to avoid a big mess at the end. It's true that they won't do everything, but ensuring that they atleast ensure a clean kitchen and well-packed up rentals after the party is over will relieve you of more than half the workload.

Budgeting and Payments

budget party catering

While you might have already finalized the budget for your party and even paid the caterers an advance, but after the party ends, it's best to re-assess everything before making the final payment. Making a list of all the damaged tables, chairs or any other rentals and finding out what they cost, making a list of all the extra's ordered at the last moment, and any additional services rendered is a must. You might also want to compare the services provided with the pre-decided deliverables to determine the final payment.

Arrangements for the Staff

If your guests are bringing their vehicles, you'd obviously want to reserve the best spots for them. But that doesn't mean you forget about the caterers. They also might need space to park their mobile kitchen van (if any) and their personal cars, even if they've shared a ride. You might also want to keep separate washrooms for the guests and caterers and ensure that after the work is done, your caterers too enjoy the meals they've put so much work in, obviously if enough is left for them. These little acts of kindness will enforce better relations, and you never know they might even give you some special service or an additional discount.


Hosting a successful party, be it for friends, family, your co-workers or a formal event, requires meticulous planning and implementation. Hosting it at home will give it a personal touch, and hiring the right catering service providers will allow you to properly take care of the guests without worrying about food and drinks. After you've decided upon everything, the last step is to identify the best caterers in Ahmedabad, ones who can meet all your requirements. Well, even that is covered with Catering Corner, India's best catering service provider having over 4000 authentic caterers listed from all across the country. So, without waiting any longer, book a caterer near you and begin planning the menu and other arrangements for a grand celebration.

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