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Tips to Wow Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception

Everything in a wedding ceremony is important and needs your attention. All are given an extra thought and planned ahead of the time - the ring, décor, flowers, dress, guests list and many lists of similar kind and of course you do need best catering services for your special day.

When it comes to making arrangements for gatherings like this, you can make it memorable for everyone but don’t go overboard. The three most important things to take care of are - your guests, the decoration and the gourmet.

Wedding catering services can help you take care of the important stuff. To make your occasion a memorable one, get started with these thoughtful gestures, that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can make use of these tips to wow your guests at your wedding reception-

Welcome your guests with a personalized wedding starter kit that’s specially prepared for them

A better way to treat your guests on their arrival is by giving them small goodie boxes that contain personalized necessary items in it and don’t forget to keep a welcome note. You can fill the goodie box with the items they will need the most.

Anticipate what your guests will need before they even need it

A lot of emergencies are inevitable on any occasion like this. Make sure you have planned in advance for these. You’re bound to have an urgent requirement of those handy wipes and surely your guests will need them too.

Customize their ride with the playlist and try to make it fun

Mostly the ceremony and reception happen in two different places. Making fun transportation available to take your guests from one location to the another would be a great way to add that extra flair and your guests will love the ride if it’s customized with the playlist.

A DIY flower station to accessorize them

This will be a great way to make your guests feel special. Encourage your guests to use flowers to accessorize themselves. Your florist will help you in setting a make-your-own-flower station for your guests.

Put all the required stuff like sturdy blooms, flower wire, pins, and provide easy-to-follow instructions and help your guests to make their own DIY flower accessories.

Create your own signature drinks

Take the services of wedding reception catering to serve your guests and plan a cocktail hour, either after the ceremony or in-between your afternoon and evening reception. You can even create your own signature drink for your guests and for this take the help of an experienced mixologist.

Get theme-based decoration done

Decoration holds a great deal of importance. Make the decorations unique for they will last longer in the memories of your guests. Experiences matter and if you like it to be a traditional one or a bit modern just go for it. Don’t shy away from the ideas and if possible, add your personal touch to it.

A thoughtful décor will surely stick in the mind. You need not to spend lavishly on the décor. Just put an effort and make it special for you and your guests. Fireworks, balloons, drapes and flowers if used thoughtfully can create the perfect ambience.


Photo shoots and videos are synonymous with weddings, receptions and any party in general. But with mobile phones in hand, everyone loves to click pictures on occasions like this.

You can create a wedding hashtag and let your guests know about this by posting signs. Your guests will love to document it.

Plan your entrance

A big entrance is sure to make a lasting impact but your entrance to the event matters. Most of the event planners can make happen an impressive entrance.

After taking great care of every minute details about the arrangements and guests it’s time for you to shine. A grand reception calls for a grand entrance for the couple, make it a memorable one.

Music and dance

No celebration is complete unless music and dance add flavour and colour to your event. Especially in case of a wedding reception. It’s all about dancing all night and most of your guest will love to get ready to groove on. After all, this much fun and frolic are required to add life and make the celebration lively.


You need to rely upon a very efficient catering service provider that can help your ideas take shape in reality. Discuss and present all your ideas even if they are a bit quirky one. Figure out what they possibly can roll out for you.

If you’re planning your reception in Pune then check from the list on our site and reach out to the best wedding caterers in pune for their services.

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