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Top 5 Ways to Market your Catering Business

Top 5 Ways to Market your Catering Business

When you plan on starting your own restaurant or catering business, good food and outstanding taste are the second most important requisites. The first is marketing it right and letting people know you make good food.

Catering business is competitive, and there are hundreds and thousands of businesses already out there. And, chances are, they all also make good food. That’s where your service and marketing will come to your rescue, and make you stand out from the rest.

Here are 5 simple, yet effective marketing tips to get your business to outshine every other

Let's discuss each point in detail:

1. Get Yourself Listed on Catering Corner

How do you think people look up for best caterers in Surat or Pune? It’s either word of mouth or a Google search. If you have already served enough parties and events, then word of mouth is sure to help you win more clients. If not, you could get yourself listed on a catering business listing site like Catering Corner.

Getting listed on Catering Corner will give you a platform to interact with your customers, show them what you got and why you should be their first choice. All the featured caterers have customer reviews, and their important USPs mentioned right there, along with a contact us page.

2. Focus on Getting Referrals

Most of the business that caterers draw is from word of mouth and references from someone they have already served. If your services and food are outstanding, people are sure to recommend you. Also, to do your part in getting known, leave subtle hints around the food table and bar that lets people know who the catering company is.

  • You could get creative here. Another way that will notice you is by getting your business’s name sewed on the uniform of waiters and servers
  • One way to do that is leaving visiting cards on the bar counter and food counter.

3. Focus on Social Media

social media marketing

Social Media is one of the biggest weapons available for companies that want to market themselves. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, are some social media channels that you could use to your benefit, and tell people about your company and why you’re different. Showcase in plenty all the events you cater, the food you serve, videos of what goes into making that tasty food, creative posts, etc. are all ways to engage with your potential customers.

Even if you do not have a website, make sure you present on the internet in more than one ways, because that’s where people will first try to get to know you.

Also, as the hashtags and keywords are trending now, and people look for viral posts using hashtags and keywords, make sure you use some famous ones with every post you create. For instance, best catering services in Ahmedabad can get you known across your local area.

4. Blogger Outreach and Influential Marketing

Blogs are a great way to market your business. If it’s a new recipe you want to showcase or want to tell people you offer the best party catering services by telling them about an event you served at, blogs do a fantastic job. If you have a website, you can start by writing a few small blogs several times a week, and add attractive pictures along. But, if you do not have a website, blogger outreach could be of help.

  • You could get in touch with recipe blogs and share with them a recipe or two of yours, and the blog will talk about the services you offer.
  • Another great way is to associate with influential, food bloggers and critiques who can talk about your food and services on their social media channels.

5. Offer More than Just Food

catering food

Every catering company who’s doing good is definitely making good food. You have to look for ways to not only stand out but also become your client’s favorite.

  • Be sensitive to your client’s needs. It’s good to specialize in a specific cuisine; you should also be able to provide different options to fulfill your customer’s need when the time comes.
  • Provide added values. Along with the food and bar counter, you could take up the decoration services or the flower arrangement. There are chances that your client has already booked someone, but if not, they would be pleased to give it to you. And this increases your value and demand.
  • Be equipped with tools and extras in an event. As a caterer, you’re responsible for providing everything the guests need. Make sure you come to the venue prepared for any unique demands and are able to meet them. This will enhance your relationship with your client.
  • Offer referral discounts to your already existing customers.

These tips are just to get you started with the marketing of your business. There are several more ways to explore. Start with a few, and then expand to other areas of marketing. Review your marketing plan every six months to see how it is going and what needs to be changed. Use the above ideas and create something unique. Be different, and your business will automatically stand out.

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