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Top Sweets for Indian Wedding Catering

top sweets for indian wedding catering

India is having a rich cultural heritage; different types of traditions are followed here. A wedding is a ceremony that has different rituals and functions differing from one tradition to the other. One can find several religions in Indian, similarly, there are even more types of wedding ceremonies. This is why most weddings in India are called the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’, as it has lots of rituals, fun, celebration, food, etc.

Types of Delicacies Served During Indian Weddings:

Indian weddings are full of fun and food. Different varieties of food items are kept during the wedding function. These vast varieties of food items from different regions are served during the wedding irrespective of the type of wedding. Nowadays most wedding ceremony packages keep buffet catering services. This system is most preferred as people get to taste different varieties of food items and also the wastage of food material decreases.

Types of Sweet Dishes Served During Indian Weddings:

The food served at the Indian weddings includes different courses of meals. Different weddings caterers provide several dishes belonging to different cuisines. Most people are fascinated and attracted towards the deserts or the sweet section during this wedding meal. The best catering services serve a minimum of three to four varieties of sweet dishes.

The different options for the sweets during the wedding include:

  • Ladoos: Ladoos are the most common sweet served during the wedding. Some religions have a tradition of including laddoo in their menu. The most common laddoo served during the wedding is the boondi laddoo or the motichoor laddoo. It is also called Shadi Ka Laddoo.

  • Barfi: The barfi is one of the most liked sweet dishes by many Indians. There are different flavors of barfi available at the wedding based on the current season or based on the region or religion. Some wedding caterers even have a platter full of barfi serving various flavors to select from.

  • Gulab Jamun: Every Indian house would be aware of this sweet-making process. The warm, soft, spongy, juicy gulab jamuns just melt when placed in the mouth. The experience of eating gulab jamun is heavenly. Some people like to club these warm gulab jamuns with ice cream.
gulab jamun

  • Halwa: The halwa is one of the traditional sweet dishes served at most Indian weddings. There are different varieties of halwa served like gajar halwa, dudhi halwa, moong dal halwa, etc. Different regions and religions serve different types of halwa.

  • Kheer: Kheer is a milk-based dessert served during most Indian festive occasions. The Kheer is of different types based on the ingredients used in it. These different variants include vermicelli, rice, tapioca (Sabudana), fruits, or semolina. These ingredients vary depending on the cuisine. It is also called payasam.

  • Jalebi: Jalebi is one of the most loved sweets especially by north Indian people. It tastes best when eaten warm or cold. Some people like to combine this warm jalebi with Rabdi which is a sweetened and thickened milk preparation.

  • Shrikhand: This sweet dish is native to the state of Maharashtra prepared from strained curd. This shrikhand is available in various flavors like mango, kesar, badam pista, cardamom, etc. This sweet is served in most Maharashtrian weddings.

  • Rasmalai: This desert is native to West Bengal but is now commonly served in most Indian wedding ceremonies. It contains the cream cheese balls soaked in sweetened and thickened milk loaded with dry fruits.

  • Basundi: This is a milk-based traditional sweet native to weddings in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and North India. It is prepared by thickening the milk for a long time and includes a richness of dry fruits.

  • Rasagulla: It is a Bengali sweet but now common in almost all types of wedding meals. These are the soft, spongy cheese balls dipped in sugary syrup. Another variant of this is rasagulla balls soaked in Basundi instead of syrup.

  • Kulfi: It is a frozen milk dessert native to India. Different interesting flavors are available like Kesar, Pista, rose, malai, mango, etc. The richness of dry fruits enhances the taste of kulfi. People of all ages like to binge on their favorite flavor of kulfi.

  • Ice-cream: One of the favorites for kids at the wedding. Different options of ice-creams are available with a variety of toping like chocolate sauce, fruit sauce, jelly, sprinklers, etc.

  • Amras: Amras is a sweet dish made from pure mango pulp. This sweet is included in the menu of the Maharashtrian wedding during the mango season. Most people cannot stop themselves by having just one serving of amras.

  • Others: Some other sweets included in a big Indian wedding are Kaju Katli, pedha, balushahi, Mysore Pak, etc.

Indian weddings are as good as a celebration and people remember these memories based on the food that they enjoy during these weddings. Considering this, the couple should book the best marriage catering service for proving world-class food for the event.

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