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Gourmet Grub

    Information about Gourmet Grub

    Gourmet Grub is a catering and tiffin service company that specializes in serving a variety of dishes from different cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, and Italian. We offer a range of menu options for events such as parties, corporate events, and family events, as well as our tiffin service which is a daily meal service. The Indian cuisine we serve includes popular dishes such as chicken tikka masala, biryani, and samosas, while the Chinese cuisine includes options like Kung-Pao chicken, fried rice, and Chilli paneer. The Italian menu includes pasta dishes and pizzas. We also provide appetizers, desserts, and beverages to complement the main dishes. The company can also provide additional services such as setup, cleanup, and waitstaff, customising menus based on dietary needs, cultural preferences. KIndly Contact us to contact this caterers

    Cuisines offered

    • North Indian

    • South Indian

    • Gujarati

    • Maharashtrian

    • Rajasthani

    • Bengali

    • Goan

    • Chinese

    • Mexican

    • Japanese

    • Italian

    • Greek

    • Lebanese

    • Thai

    • Kathiyawadi

    • Punjabi

    Forms of payment accepted

    • Cash

    • Bank Transfer

    • Cheque

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