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SH KRIPA GARDEN Goyal Nagar (Ring Road), Indore

From the coconut offered to the groom for prosperity to the turmeric paste applied on the bride , the rice sprinkled on a couple to ward off evil and the ghee poured into the wedding fire as an offering, Indian weddings seem to revolve around food every step of the way. And why not? Food seems to be the reason why most people agree to make a trip to the wedding venue.

In the melting pot of cultures that in India, no wedding can mimic the other and each culture brings with it unique retuals, an array of customs and of course, it’s very own kind of food and be it a traditional feast or a new age spread, the food at the venue will always be the most talked about element in the Indian wedding extravaganza. Our name “Ayojan” depicts that we are masters in organizing catering services, at its best.

From sophisticated intimate affairs to elegant grandiose events, expect nothing less than fabulous. Our events are flawless, our style is tuneless & our service is matchless. It’s your day, your way, but we will make it mahhhhrvelous dahhhhrling. As our punch line “Aap ka ayojan aap hi mehman” Speaks itself that you do not have to worry about your occasion at all, Just enjoy with your guests and we will take care of rest. When called upon to offer extremely impressive services, we go an extra mile to ensure that everything from linen, crockery, cutlery and uniforms to the food ingredients are customized to individual preferences.

Ayojan Catering founded by Mr. Shailendra Gupta, started the journey in the decade 90’s when catering services are not in the trends. In the year 1991 the Ayojan Catering was design to bring these dreams to fruition and from over two decades it is well known for being an innovator amongst its peers, offering a wide range of delicious cuisines to its customers alongwith delightful taste and responsive services. After association of its Managing Director Mr. Palash Gupta Ayojan Catering today is a brand that has grown bigger and better with each passing year, for generations of Indians. As the trustee of this rich heritage, Ayojan Catering remains a vibrant and growing company, which seeks to continue the mission of its visionary founders while adapting to modern challenges and evolving preferences of food connoisseurs.

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