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For most people, events are occasions to be remembered forever, as moments frozen in the frames of time only to be relived and re-accessed when the past is sentimentalized and contrasted with the present. And when it comes down to sentiments and memories, no other flavor or fragrance can relive the intensity of those particular eventful moments in times gone by than the elaborate displays and indulgence of excellent cuisine and its concomitant culinary.

Care Foods Caterers understands better than anyone else the value of unfading memories by giving you a world of great cuisine, great culinary and great taste – for good catering is what good memories are all about! Welcome to our world of great cuisine as you motor down through a couple of paragraphs flavored with just the right ingredients for your understanding.

We decided some fifteen years ago to make all kinds of events worthy of good memories, and no where did we see the possibility of bringing this to a reality than through a buffet of excellently prepared, lavishly garnished, delectably presented, and appetizingly spread buffet of unique cuisine, and at prices that speak of quality and affordability in contrast to the un-quality and un-affordability of the mediocre. Today, after having presented the most exquisite dishes for a variety of event occasions we are now known as one of North India’s top caterers.

Tracing our history in the past decade and a half, we are most happy to tell you that we have successfully catered to a spectrum of events that have covered such occasions as weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, product launches, training programs, theme parties, team building, staff retreats, etc. You name it, we‘ve done it! What more can we say!

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