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In the drastically changing hospitality industry. Is proud to mark its prime existence by providing state of the art service. Shreeya caterers Pvt. Ltd. is the brain child of Industry Experts. Our senior team comprises of people with decade long experience in Institutional Catering, Hotels and Clubs. We have hands on expertise in handling premium quality of food production, business management and sales. The distinguishing points which make us stand apart in the arena of hospitality industry are:

  • Highest Quality of service.

  • Commitment to maintain quality and integrity of the products.

  • Work with positive working environment.

  • Aim for continuous improvement in what we do.

  • Encourage Individual contribution and responsibility.

We cultivate a safe working environment where we value the development of our Employees and a system of common values guided by rules of ethical conduct, team spirit, respect for heritage, promotion of regional and national culture and good Customer service. We carefully select our Suppliers, who should fully respect the Group’s principles and values, and invest in developing strong business relationships that guarantee top quality products and services and Customer loyalty. We adopt preventative measures in the area of food hygiene. We promote the preservation of the environment through remaining constantly technologically updated, from the analysis of energy efficiency to developing innovative methods to minimize environmental impacts, pollution reduction and prevention, optimization of the management of natural resources, fulfillment of current legislation and the diffusion of a culture promoting quality of life.

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