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Matuki Restaurant & Caterers, Grace College Road, Mota Mava, Rajkot, Gujarat, India
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MATUKI “The King of good Taste” defines everything that can be expected at Matuki. Our goal is to provide good quality, delicious food, excellent customer service, and above all – a variety of mouth-watering dishes to serve. Our aim is to provide the best service in each and every aspect to our guests.

Mr.GHANSHYAM SHINGALA and Mr.RAJESH SHINGALA have about 12 years of experience working in the field of Catering and Restaurant services in this region themselves. A keen desire to possess a catering set-up of our own inspired us through this experience enabling us to develop unique skills in this field. Over the last few years of experience in catering and restaurant services across Gujarat, our knowledge of this region has also deepened.

We are capable of serving a large number of people at a time. We take pride in cooking delicious and nutritious dishes. They are rich in all the nutrients you need and yet, it is good in taste. The factors that ensure our dishes are special are personal supervision over food production, adherence to quality norms, usage of quality ingredients, hygiene at the place of work and aesthetic presentation.

We have prepared ourselves to suit two different occasions at different prices. Every detail is thought of carefully with consideration to your needs, taste and budget.

You won’t have to worry about any problems regarding – get together, social gatherings, wedding celebrations, dinner parties,receptions, religious functions, dance parties, birthdays, theme parties etc.because we can cater to your needs.

Though all our dishes are delicious, we particularly specialize in –

Sp.Matuki Matla Undhiya, ChurmanaLadu, Tava etc,

Any time you call us our professional team will be there at your disposal. The most reliable and neatly dressed catering staff will be available to you to serve to your satisfaction. We ensure experienced Chefs and efficient professional co-workers for preparing delicious and mouth-watering dishes to your taste.If you want plenty of delicious food and drinks to serve and satisfy your, you only have to call Matuki.

A combination of care, quality and innovation has made Matuki a success story and it has become a symbol of status, class and unmatched taste.

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