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Goa, India
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Our services will make every occasion a memorable by offering best service.

Our services include arrangement , preparing, serving the food and beverages on the client’s prefered place as per the choice of your menu.

Our menu includes a variety of INDIAN, GOAN, CHINESE, vegetarian as well non vegetarian iteams. We cater food knowing the importance of adopting meals services as per the cultural requirement.

Food is prepared by trained cooks with a personalized touch and in hygenic conditions.

Our services will suit your budget and your taste buds.

Corporate and industrial caterers
Noda caterers has highly trained staff whether it is for a small party or a grand function. Our service is extremely flexible and we have the experience to cater for any size of events. We do caterers for all types of companies and industries.

Wedding and event caterers
Immaculate and professional- your wedding is a day of dreams-come-true and memorable moments to share for years to come. Noda Cateres is at your service to make those dreams come true. We brings you the new age of catering services for your wedding events with exclusive menu items.

So contact us for the best of catering anywhere in GOA.

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