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Things to be considered while hiring catering service provider for wedding

Once you have booked the wedding venue, next important thing is to find best catering service provider for the event. Some venues provide their in house catering service but if you need to find the caterers on your own, Catering Corner is your friend to get help from. Here are few things that will help you to ensure the best catering services for your wedding

Define the catering budget: Based on your final guest count – you should be able to identify ballpark budget. Once you have a budget in your mind – you can start searching for best catering service providers near you who can server you within the set budget. Make sure with the caterers that the proposed bill will match with the final bill.

Choose the right caterer: Do some research before choosing a caterer. You know that food is going to be the most important part of your entire wedding event so you should focus on hiring the caterer who is professional, have very good experience for the dishes you are looking for. Past customer feedback is very important so you can visit some review websites to look for their past customer feedback

Schedule the tasting: Just because someone else told you that this catering service is good, you should not blindly trust them about taste and quality of food they serve. Schedule the testing with your family to make sure they commit to you that the food at the tasting will be the same quality/appearance on the day of wedding

Ask for well experienced staff: Make sure they send their best staff for your event catering service. Often when companies get busy, they will scrape the bottom of the barrel for staff.  The team of caterers should be well managed in term of internal team coordination, equipped with all necessary equipments which they required during the event

Cleaning up : You need to know if the caterer cleans up after the meal, and if they return any items that were rented. This is important to consider since you do not want any added expenses or clean up to worry about after the meal.

So what are you waiting for, start planning your catering menu and submit through catering corner, the best caterers near you will contact you soon with their offers. Have wonderful catering

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