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7 Questions Event Planners Should Ask When Selecting Venues

7 Questions Event Planners Should Ask When Selecting Venues

Event planning is a task that requires detailed planning and flawless execution in order to make a gathering a success. It involves delicate maneuvering and coordination of multiple partners to make sure that all the guests attend the event with full enthusiasm and all their requirements are well attended too.

For any event that one is planning to host, be it a wedding or the next big tech conference, one factor that will play a key role is the venue. It is where all the activities for the event will happen and it will be a stage for the entire event. The venue selection can make or break the entire extravaganza.

Below is a list of seven questions that an Event Planner can ask themselves and all the stakeholders in the event to assure that the best venue is selected.

What are The Main Event and the Theme/Tone for the Event?

From bar-mitzvahs to retirement parties each event has a specific tone and the venue should reflect the overall theme of the event. If the main event is going to be a rock star performance then the venue should have a stage and decor that reflects the taste of the music. If it is a pool party then the venue should have enough changing stalls!

When and Where is The Event Going to be Staged?

The date and location of the event are key factors in venue selection. It is always wise to check the weather forecast of the place an decide the venue accordingly. . If it is going to snow or be a cool autumn breeze on the event night you will need to choose an indoor or outdoor venue accordingly. The time of the day and the event date will dictate weather arrangements. With advanced weather available at our fingertips the planning can be concrete. It is also mandatory to consider the location of the guests before booking the venue. For international events, this requires a little prior coordination and planning. Whereas for example, if it’s a local Youth Club get together the YMCA in the suburbs can be ideal.

What is The Event Requirements Space Wise?

Will a stage be required? How many guests will be on the stage? How many people are supposed to attend? Where and how will they be sitting during the event? How much parking space will be required? These are some of the questions that come under this category to start with. From the storage capacity for event stuff to changing rooms for the artists performing at the event a venue should have all the space that the event will need.

Who is on The Guest List?

An inauguration of a local public building will see the mayor attending and a wedding will have to have an arrangement for a grandma's wheelchair. Thus, from security and privacy of the guests to handicapped access, the venue should be inviting to all those being hosted.

Depending on the demography and lifestyle of the guests the venue will need to have certain specifics.

How will The Guests Travel to and From The Venue?

If all your guests are given stay in the nearby hotel, a bus hire for the duration of the event will give comfort to the guests but if the event is hosting guests from all over the city then ease of access from all corners of the city by different vehicles will be ideal for the attendees. If the venue is out of town and the out of town guests are being accommodated by you then their transport to the venue will need to be arranged by the hosts.

What is The Financial Budget for The Event?

This is a fact that is obviously very important as the overall budget will dictate a lot in terms of venue selection. There is always a need to keep some buffering for hidden costs, extra charges and damage claims that may hit the pockets anytime. Considering different events, it is advisable to check the need for having a nurse station to avoid any further complications.

What Hospitality will The Guests be Offered?

From the chair cushion to the temperature of the Air conditioning, everything is actually a part of the hospitality experience that you are serving to the attendees. The most and inevitably the most important part of, at least all celebratory events, is the food. The catering services that you hire will be the backbone of the whole event. With the growing number of Cuisines, Delicacies, and ingredients and not to mention the diet preferences of the attending guests, an event catering partner is the quarterback of the event team. Amol Caterers and events have fine-tuned staff and cooks who can assure unforgettable catering service. Along with our partners at Accord events & services, we can enthrall your guests from a refreshing drink on arrival to a mouth watering dessert at the end of a delicious meal. For all other questions, a little homework would be required but when it comes to catering once you choose us the proverbial “food ball” has hit a superstar goal!

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