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Best Catering Ideas For An Awesome Party – Theme For Kids

Best Catering- ideas For An Awesome Party

Your little girl’s birthday is around the corner and you’re probably stressing over putting together a bash that is spectacular and unforgettable! It’s natural for you to want the party to be a huge success with loads of fun, frolic, and excitement. After all, your princess has been waiting all year to celebrate her special day.

Why not throw her a magical princess themed party in a lovely pink hue complete with glitz, royal ambience, glittering jewelled tiaras, delightful gifts, confetti, balloons and more? But what sets the mood for the kids at a birthday party is the right kind of food. They love yummy, mouth-watering delicacies. Organising such an event however can be a tricky job, especially working out the menu! This is where corporate caterers come in handy.

They have the expertise and the experience to offer suggestions and help prepare delicious bite-size treats that can win the hearts of your little guests. If you are having trouble deciding on food items, here are some fun and creative recipes to tantalise the taste buds of children.

Let's discuss each point in detail:

Majestic Princess Birthday Cake:

No birthday celebration is complete without a truly magnificent cake that is moist, luscious and creamy. And what better than a majestic princess cake to match the party theme for the special celebration. You could bake a cake at home or order one from a local bakery. Coming to ideas for a party cake, there are so many to pick from. You can opt for a castle-shaped cake, a pink rainbow, a gorgeous Barbie doll, a pretty fairy or even a magic wand. A plain white cake with a pink tiara or a stunning a two-tier cake with lip-smacking pink frosting is also a great choice.

Classic Pink Popcorn:

Popcorns are a big hit with kids! Think outside the box and serve flavoured popcorn instead of the regular one. How about candy-coated pink popcorn covered in sprinkles? The sweet, salty and crunchy party snack will build the excitement levels of the little ones. You can consider buffet catering and arrange the food item in pretty containers with beautiful pink ribbons to make it look more attractive. Children can grab a handful of popcorn on the go when hunger strikes.

Dreamy Pink Cupcakes:

Pink Cupcakes

Kids simply love the sweet, creamy taste of cupcakes which make them the most popular food item at the party. The versatile dessert can be baked in a variety of fun shapes and sizes with cute cupcake moulds. To enhance their visual appeal just swirl the tops of cupcakes with scrumptious pink fondant icing and other edible embellishments like sprinkles, lustre dust, lollies, gumdrops and more based on the princess theme.

Tiara & Crown-Shaped Sandwiches:

This kid-friendly recipe that is super easy to whip up. Grab a loaf of bread to make sandwiches with tempting fillings that kids relish such as tomato with mayonnaise, cucumbers with cream cheese, shredded chicken, peanut butter and jelly to name a few. Slice the crust and use a cookie cutter to craft tiara or crown-shaped sandwiches for your darling princess and her royal guests.

Healthy Drinks & Beverages:

Beverages are important to fuel energy of kids and hence a must-have on the catering list of the celebration. There are a plethora of options. You could serve pink lemonade, cranberry juice or a sparkling fruit punch. Strawberry smoothies are also a good choice. Besides being tasty and healthy, they are a sure-shot way to load up on nutrients. Don’t forget to hand out the beverages in princess cups and royal goblets with attractive straws to go with the thematic party.

Adorable Princess Themed Cookies

Princess Themed Cookies

Cookies are a hot favourite of kids and always a winner at parties. Not to mention, the delicious works of art are beautiful to behold. Cookies shaped like Cinderella’s glass slippers look great and are perfect for a themed princess party. Alternately, stars can be created with a sharp knife or cookie cutter and pierced with sticks to replicate the magic wand look. And yes, you can dress up the cookie a tad by tying a pink ribbon around the wand.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a reputable catering business to plan and host a birthday bash for your little royalty that is pure magic with regal decorations, dazzling details, and special girly goodies. Trust us, she will be captivated and watching her lovely face light up with joy will be well worth the effort!

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