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Best Tips to Run a Successful Catering Business in India

Best Tips to Run a Successful Catering Business in India

Any special event in India is considered incomplete without delicious food. Despite the pompous decoration and lavish celebration, the thought of good food lingers in every mind for days, months or sometimes even years after the event. With a multitude of cultures and cuisine and evolving trends in food and events, catering business has an ocean of opportunities across our nation. Pulling the right chords in the right way and at the right time can make you shine in the business.

A successful catering business involves much more than good food. It needs proper organization, management skills, and preparedness for the unforeseen. Here are a few tips that can make your catering business successful, professional and also raise your profit margins.

Let's discuss each point in detail

Delicious Food

delicious food catering

This is the most important commandment to a successful catering business. The business spreads with the word of mouth. So it is very essential to cook scrumptious food that speaks for itself. Have your own menu with your specialty dishes, but also be flexible to the client’s needs and be open towards expanding your menu.

Treat Your Customer like a King

This is where your communication and networking skills come in handy. Always maintain a good relationship with the clients. Provide packages that well suits the clients’ needs and budget. Offer sample food if required by the client. Make sure to review the details with the client a week before the event. Prepare 10% extra food always, so that you can manage unexpected situations.

Ensure a Sanitary Environment

catering environment

Have a professional attire with proper uniforms, shoes, gloves, and caps. Be on wheels throughout the event to keep the serving, dining as well as the disposal area completely clean and well sanitized. Plan ahead for premises with little or no kitchen space.

Plan Your Pricing

Rent catering equipment till you start picking up really well. Have at least three vendors for each category. Connect with vendors and suppliers who provide the best price. Kitchen staff and service staff can also be rented, but you need to have dedicated management staff. Make sure you include all charges including taxes in the customer invoice. Plan profit ahead and make sure you avoid adding up any extra charges.

Get Proper License and Registration

Obtain proper Government trade license, FSSAI license, business registration, and GST and professional tax documents. There will be an inspection conducted by the health department to check the safety and standards of the kitchen. Make sure you find a commercial kitchen space that you can use as required.


Network with the local event managers and wedding planners. Promote your business on social media and proper networking. Give away business cards and print your contact details on napkins. Make sure you post quality images online of the food and catering services you provided in the events where you have served.

Each city in India has its own specialty and local dishes. Your menu should be well researched and developed to fit in the event type and schedule. There are several caterers in every city who have proved their mettle in the market and have been successful over the years. Analyzing the market and filling in the gaps with a flare would surely help the progress of the business.

Each caterer has their own strength and catering style. Focusing on the strength of your business and building on it will prove to be efficient in the long run.

Some of the best catering services in Bhopal cook with farm fresh ingredients. There are those that are well known for taste and punctuality, and those who outstand in service quality and cost efficiency, and so on.

Ahmedabad is an ideal destination for the adventurous vegetarians. Some of the best catering services in Ahmedabad city as well as the best caterers in Gujarat as a whole are specialized in providing quality food and services. They have been successfully running the catering business over the years in this land of dhoklas.


The idea of running a catering business is definitely excellent. However, starting a business from scratch, establishing your brand name, and running it successfully is a rather humongous task. Spend enough time on research and analysis before you get started. You are in the limelight since day one of your business. The market is always keen on discerning quality and cost efficiency. Every event in which you cater should be a positive testimony.

Along with your food and creativity, be sharp on your management skills and keep track of your paperwork. Decide about the type and style of caterer you want to be and work in alignment to your goal. Do remember, you cannot provide everything to everybody. So never be discouraged by little stumbling stones. Take them as challenges and work your way to success.

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