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Make Your Birthday a Bash to Remember

Make Your Birthday a Bash to Remember

Birthday – undoubtedly the most important and fun day of the year for you. Of course, you want to celebrate it with lot of fervour and zeal. Be any age, the child within you is at play on your birthday. You would want everything to be perfect, from invites to decorations, and from food to music.

Themed birthday parties are in trend. There are a lot many planners who would present to you several birthday themes, be it camping, pyjama party or a classy backyard barbeque. Though a lot many things are on your checklist, it all makes it easier by deciding on your caterer.

Top Questions to Ask Your Caterer

There are some of the best catering services for birthday party across the country that can make the entire planning an easy process. Here is a list of the top questions to ask a birthday - wedding caterer before you hire one:

  • What services are included and what services are not included?
  • Can you arrange for a tasting session?
  • What kind of ingredients are used for the various foods and from where do you source them?
  • How large (or small) parties/ weddings have you catered before?
  • How and what food will be prepared at my party?
  • What kind of birthday cakes have you prepared before? and
  • What kind/ themed birthday cake can you prepare for my birthday party?
  • How many events will you be catering along with my celebration?
  • What brands of liquor do you serve (in case you plan to serve alcohol at your party)?
  • What kind of dishes would you be using at the party.
  • What do you suggest?

Though you want to be fully involved, it is best to trust your caterer and go with their suggestions as you proceed. Once you have your caterer in place, you can work on the other ideas for your party. We bring to you top 5 ideas to make your birthday party a celebration you will remember for a really long time:

1. Surprise Surprise – Invites

Everyone loves a well-though invite, especially the one for a party around the corner. In today’s digital age, ditch the cliched physical card invites and create your own invite online. The elements of the card such as a photo collage or music, can be completely of your choice. You can even hire a professional to design your cards. Send it via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or E-mail and surprise your guests.

2. Themed Birthday Cake

themed birthday cake

Gone are the days of regular birthday cakes…a Birthday Cake is a star attraction of the day and you definitely want it to stand out. Discuss with your caterer your preferences and interests and give a glimpse of it in your birthday cake. The themes can vary from unicorn in a fairy land, to a science project for a kid’s birthday party, or designs of moon, planets and stars making the cake literally ‘out of this world’.

3. Extra Frosting - Snow Cones

snow cones

In addition to your birthday cake, you can give an element of extra icing with flavoured snow cones. A favourite for kids as well as adults, snow cones work around the year and give a touch of ‘coolness’ to your entire food arrangement. Look for some of the best catering services in India, which can be easily found online or via recommendations, discuss the idea with your caterer and make it happen.

4. Have a seat – The Sitting Arrangement

The last thing you would want is your guests wandering lost at your birthday party. Be it a small in-house get-together or a large celebration at the farms, you would want a warm and comfortable sitting arrangement for your guests. Make sure that your guests are in the vicinity of each other so that they can network, and at the same time there is ample space to move around and help themselves at the food counters. A children’s play area is a must-have. In case it is an indoor party, you can have bean bags or cushions on the floor as a sitting arrangement for a warm and cosy look. In case of a garden barbeque, patio furniture can be clubbed with lounge chairs to give a classy feel.

5. Adventure it Is – Sport-Themed Bash

More and more teenagers and adults are moving towards an adventure-themed celebration for their birthday. You can have a ball at the bowling alley, a rain dance at an adventure park, a paintball war at a gaming alley or a treasure hunt at a farm house. An adventure sport brings much fun to the entire celebration and creates memories for you and your guests.

Once you have decided on these ideas it is time to make the guest list. You would want to be clear of the number of people you want to invite to your party and discuss it closely with your caterer. In case you are looking for your city caterer, it is best to know in advance how big the parties have they catered before. For example, some of the best caterers in Bhopal have catered parties ranging from as small as that of 20 persons to those up to 1000 persons. Use these ideas for a fun evening with your family and friends and have a birthday bash to remember. Go Party!

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